You Can Prevent Costly Legal Problems!

An Affordable Program for Businesses & Professionals

The Concept

Lawyer’s Assurance Group of America (LAGA)┬áis a business services program whose members benefit from Group Purchasing Power. For a low monthly fee, our members consult with leading attorneys experienced in all areas of law for legal advice, document reviews and many more free services.

The Problem

Legal costs are simply too high; And worse, unpredictable. Obtaining advice and direction from highly qualified, experienced legal experts before making a business decision can save you valuable time and money in the future. This is preventative law!

The Solution

Executive Legal Services covers a complete range of common business legal needs for a low tax-deductible monthly fee. You have the benefit of having a group of experienced attorneys on retainer for all of your business needs. We can help you cope with the challenging legal environment that exists in today’s economy and help reduce unnecessary costs. Now you have a real solution to everyday problems.